Service Route Calendar

The Service Route Calendar provides our customers with specific weeks and days for service visits.

Attention: Unprecedented weather conditions may affect service visits!

What do the letters and numbers stand for?

For time management purposes Two Guys Plus has separated customers into specific Service visit lists.

Service visit codes(R1A, R2A, C1A, C2A) "R" stands for residential. "C" stands for commercial. "1" stands for one service visit per week. "2" stands for one service visit every two weeks.

The letter (A) at the end of the service visit code represents which truck/units will be completing the service.

What is my "Service Visit Code"? Where do I find it?

You can always find your Service Visit Code (ex:R1A) in your email.

Search "twoguyscuttinggrass" in your email.

Locate docusign contract.

Find your code on the last page of the contract.